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Tips for Strengthening Your Door in the Business

There are most theft issues the may happen in businesses. The theft mostly occur when businesses have been shut down. With most of the break-in, the intruders use the locks or the keys. In most of the burglaries, they use the doors to pass by and break into the business. Therefore there are many security threats that the business owners experience. For that reason, it is best that you understand that the theft can occur in any business. Thus, it is best that you safeguard your business by undertaking the right security measures. It is therefore important that you keep the business safe from the criminals. In this article, you will find the tip on how to reinforce the door in your business.

The first thing is to strengthen your door frames. The door frames can be easy to break in regardless of the silk plate you have foxed, consistence or the forceful kicks to the commercial door. You should know that the frames used for securing the strike plates in position are very thin. Through strengthening the door frames, this will be helpful so that it is able to withstand the forceful entry. The perfect way for you to reinforce the door frame is by adding the layer of steel so that to prevent splitting. This way, your door will be kick proof. The screens are supposed to penetrate through the wall stud on each of the sides of the doorways. This makes the door jamb to be stronger. Also, you can strengthen the door frames through changing the whole of it and use the steel door frames and metal studs.

You also need to reinforce the edges of the door. The door edges are among the weakest parts of the door. The bolts and latch are used so that to attach the edges into the door frames. The bolts and latch are not able to withstand the forceful kicks into the door. Therefore, when you reinforce the door frames, the door edges will be damaged when there is a forced entry. You need to reinforce the door edges by adding the door wrap around it. The door wrap is important as it helps in creating a great surface area that helps to distribute the force over. This will give the intruders a challenge to enter into your business.

You need to secure the hinges. In many of the doors in commercial areas, they usually have exposed hinges which can be pulled off easily. This makes it easy for the intruders to pull out the frames. You need to reinforce the hinges by installing the jamb pins so that to prevent the door from being pulled off.

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